Products & Services

Steelguard manufactures and installs a full range of steel windows and doors; fire-rated, security, curtain wall and stainless steel. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years and have established an excellent reputation for both quality and delivery.

Architectural Windows & Doors

The history of steel windows dates back to the late 19th century and has seen significant developments in design, manufacturing processes, and architectural applications. Steelguard steel windows and doors can create the 'loft chic' look or timeless and elegant slim line windows, doors and internal screens.

Fire Rated Windows & Doors

Today, fire-rated windows are an integral part of building design, especially in structures where fire safety is of paramount importance, such as hospitals, schools, and high-rise buildings. The evolution of fire-rated windows reflects a continuous commitment to improving building safety and mitigating the risks associated with fire incidents. As your trusted fire window partner, Steelguards commitment to continuous development and improvement will ensure you have safe and dependable solutions to protect property and life.

Security Windows & Doors

Steelguard's original focus was on security doors and windows, we still retain that competence and have designs that will suit temporary custodial situations such as police station, longer term institutions such as prisons, secure mental health facilities and hospitals.

Design Services

Steelguard provides a high-quality 3D and CAD service. For our customers this means greater confidence, less hassle, and a team that understands the needs of a job from design through to installation.

Maintenance Services

We can work with your heritage buildings specialist consultants to schedule, price and execute your planned maintenance and refurbish requirements. We can refurbish both fire and non-fire rated windows and doors.

Jansen & Vetrotech

High-quality, independently tested and rated windows & doors. Steelguard is the Australasian agent for Jansen & Vetrotech and have a considerable stock holding.


With the largest collection of heritage windows in our library, we are uniquely placed to restore your heritage facade

Hardware & Ironmongery

We can restore and refurbish your existing hardware, in many cases are antique and no longer replaceable. This can included keeping the patina of age and applying a clear coat to maintain the finish for longer.


The new regulations have been made to provide building product users with information about how building products contribute to compliance with the Building Code. They place obligations on Aotearoa New Zealand-based manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. Our windows are engineered and designed for compliance on a bespoke project by project basis. Please contact for me details.

Radiation and EMI Windows and Doors

Radiation windows refer to specific ranges of wavelengths or frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum through which certain types of radiation can pass with minimal absorption. These windows allow scientists and researchers to observe and measure radiation in various applications, including astronomy, spectroscopy, and x-ray medical imaging.

Hurricane and Cyclone Windows and Doors