Our Process

Steelguard understands that a successful product is only as good as the process. See how our process differs from any other.We take a collaborative approach towards customer support, often seeking advice from each other in order to craft the most accurate response we can for our customers. Along the way, we take note of customer feedback and raise it with our designers, fabricators and project managers in order to maintain a constant rate of improvement to our windows and doors, as well as the process.

1 Research

The construction industry is in constant flux and new regulations are only matched by the release of new products on to the market. Steelguard travels throughout Europe, Asia and the US to find new systems and suppliers to enable us to meet this ever increase demand.

2 Development

One of our core values is that of 'constant improvement'. It is in our DNA that once we have found a new system or process, we find how it can be integrated into our workflow either in the workshop or a process for the management of our projects or the business as a whole. We’re composed of experts in our field, and we hand tasks elegantly to each other, from the initial customer contact, to our design team, project managers, and beyond.

3 Design

With the introduction of Solidworks to the business, we are designing our steel windows and doors in a virtual 3 dimensional environment. This enables us to ensure the proposed system works as intended and clashes are avoided. Our designers are part of our team, and so we’re plugged into the Engineering and Support teams by way of user experience and user interface design. It’s important to us that we can collectively express ourselves honestly through our work.

4 Fabrication and finishing

As every window or door is unique and effectively hand assembled, we leverage the accuracy and precision of CNC machining, but the way that the steel behaves when heated through the welding process , our artisan fabricators know the material intimately and make tiny adjustments to ensure the best possible product is finally ready to progress to our painting department.

5 Installation

We know that no matter how good our factory process are the success of a project stand or falls on the quality of the installation. We have invested in a 5 x 5 metre pre-assembly test rig into which we trial fit our door systems prior to painting. This ensure any final tweaks are carried out before the paint and final corrosion system is applied. This also ensure the install on site progresses as smoothly as possible and avoid excessive handling on site.

6 Maintenance and Refurbishment

Once your fire or non-fire rated windows and doors have been installed and commissioned, Steelguard can help protect the investment in your asset by ensuring the moving parts are keep correctly adjusted and lubricated by way of scheduled maintenance.

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